• Relieve the pressure on VIP/DVIP Course Managers
  • Ensure an early booking of external examiners, before they are booked elsewhere

General guidelines for courses exams, Summer 2018

Implementation of a new booking system - CensorIT
  • SAP will contact you in week 15 about your exam.
  • SAP will be responsible for booking external examiners for all course exams
  • The dates for the ordinary exams are already planned. You can find the dates on TimeEdit. Exams will be held from one week subsequent to submission deadline in a time span from 9am to 5pm (only on weekdays).

Overview of procedures for Summer 2018
  • Once an external examiner has been allocated, you will be informed through LearnIT.
  • Following the course submissions in LearnIT, course manager and external examiner will receive an email with a link to LearnIT, where the paper and the appertaining examination record can be found.