• Relieve the pressure on VIP/DVIP supervisors
  • Ensure an early booking of external examiners, before they are booked elsewhere
  • Reduce study time completion by organizing theses and Bsc.project exams as quickly as possible after submissions

General guidelines for project and thesis exams, Summer 2018

Implementation of a new booking system- CensorIT
  • SAP will be responsible for booking external examiners for all project and thesis exams, incl. final projects
  • The aim is to organize thesis and Bsc project exams within three weeks after submission deadline
  • To make the best use of resources such as facilities and external examiners, SAP will determine date and time for the exams using the supervisors’ ITU calendar to book according to availability (for part-time lecturers supervising a project SAP requests an overview of available dates for exams within the exam period).
  • Exams will be held from one week subsequent to submission deadline in a time span from 9am to 5pm (only on weekdays)
  • For Bsc. projects: Deadline is May 15th and exams will be held from May 22nd to June 8th
  • For theses and final projects: Deadline is 1st June and exams will be held from June 11th to June 22nd
  • For other projects: Deadline is May 15th and exams will be held from May 22nd to June 8th

Overview of procedures for Summer 2018
  • SAP forwards an outline of expected submissions for employed supervisors in week 10.
  • Supervisors respond within the issued deadline set by SAP with the requested information.
  • Part-time lecturers are requested to include available dates for examination within the exam period in their response to SAP. In addition, the supervisors inform SAP about any parameters to take into consideration with regard to the exam planning (e.g. how many exams one can hold per day).
  • Once an external examiner has been allocated, all information hereof (date, time etc.) will be booked into the supervisor’s ITU calendar. All the necessary information will be sent to the external examiner and students. This will be carried out continuously
  • Following the student’s submission in LearnIT, supervisor and external examiner will receive an email with a link to LearnIT, where the paper and the appertaining grading sheet can be found.
  • If an exam has been planned and the student does not submit on the set deadline, a cancellation email will be sent to the external examiner.

Project, Final Project & Thesis Exam Coordinator Contact Info:
DMD, GBI, DDK, DIM: Irene Ndwiga Pedersen (irpe@itu.dk / 72185210)
SWU, DS, SDT and GAMES: Anne Jensen (annje@itu.dk / 72185235)
Professional Education – Master and Diploma: Anja Frausing Korkmaz (afra@itu.dk / 72185065)