Three primary sets of rules are worth knowing as examiner at ITU:
Examples of content
Ministerial Order on University Examinations
and Grading (Examination Order)

Order no 1062 applies to all students.
Order no 1062 in

Order no 670 in
(Last one translated)
  • Right to 3 exam attempts
  • Rules with regards to re-exam
  • Variation in exam forms
  • Appointment of external examiners
  • General deadlines for announcement of assessment
Ministerial Order on the Grading Scale and other Forms
of Assessment of University Education (Grading Scale Order)
  • 7-point grading scale
  • Absolute grading
  • External examiner's weight when disagreement about grade
ITU's Rules and Regulations, appendix to curricula
See chapter 5 for Examinations and Grades
Specification and local variations of general rules, such as:
  • Special exam conditions
  • Exam forms

In addition to the primary sets of rules, the information on exams in the Study Guide is valid and expected to be known and followed by all students at ITU.