Course manager's responsibilities regarding the written exam

When responsible for a written exam, it is important that you:

- Before the written exam
  • work out exam questions in due time to have them evaluated by the external examiner (and perhaps a colleague from ITU)
  • inform in detail of permitted/non-permitted aids at exam in the course description
  • email your exam questions to Student Affairs and Programmes ( no later than two weeks before the exam takes place.

- During the written exam
  • are available in case of unforeseen questions or doubts
  • are present in the exam room if certain restrictions are to be enforced

- After the written exam
  • assess exam assignments with external examiner and return examination record to Student Affairs and Programmes within 3 weeks from exam day

When to submit

General written exam deadlines appear from Semester Overview in the Study Guide.
Be aware that you will only find submission deadlines for bachelor projects on the bachelor pages; submission deadlines for master's theses on the master of science pages etc.
Be advised that the deadline for submission is for a completed submission. A submission initiatied before the deadline, but not completed, will not be accepted.

Where to submit
All written work must be submitted digitally via learnIT.

Encountering system problems

In case of a system breakdown, the IT department will inform about the IT operation status.
Should system malfunctions prevent submission of work in learnIT, Student Affairs and Programmes will send out an email, and the students will have to submit their work by email to Mails directed at this address cannot be more than 25 MB.

Instructions on digital submission in learnIT

For more thorough information on digital submission in learnIT, see the learnIT manual here.